10 Best Baby Weighing Scales In India 2021 – Reviews, Buying Guide & FaQs

As a new mom, if we’d ask from you, which is the most important thing that concerns you about your little one? Then undoubtedly, most of the moms would say, “Everything related to my baby.” Right? As if you know, a baby’s immune system cannot resist and fight against viral diseases and other sicknesses. But by breastfeeding your baby, you can ensure to provide essential nutrients so that it can help to strengthen his/her immune system. But in case if you are a mom who is dealing with low milk supply, then it can affect your baby’s overall development. That’s why it must be your priority to track your baby’s overall health and progress.

The prime way to do this is by regular checkups of your baby, and you should take your baby to an expert medical professional. And one thing you may have seen is that whenever you take your baby to a doctor, the doctor usually weighs your baby first. Actually, by weighing a baby in the growth years, we can easily ensure that there is any hindrance to a baby’s development. But if you are a busy mom/working mom, you might sometimes forget about the regular checkups. Right? Then what you think about tracking your baby’s growth on your own. And by weighing your baby from time to time, you can check whether he/she is getting proper nourishment or not. Therefore, you always need to track your baby’s overall development, and it is a baby weighing scale. Baby weighing scales not only let you know about the weight, but because of the advanced technology implementation, we have some other options that are more than that.

Currently, in the market, there are some of the very advanced technology of baby weighing scales present, that you can use to track the overall development of your baby closely. Like few options allow you to capture and sync the data of your baby’s growth, and the best part is that you can easily track it or check it with your smartphone. But hold on, there is one problem that always concerns new moms, and it is about selecting the right type of baby weighing scale, especially from an Indian market. It’s because there are too many options and variations present in the Indian market related to the baby weighing scales. Thankfully, you don’t need to mess up with any confusion because here we are with ten best baby weighing scales in India. We have conducted in-depth research to find these ten best options, and in this post, we will analyze which one is the perfect suited one as per your requirement. So make sure to stick with this post till the end, and don’t forget to take a look at the buying guide in the end.

Why Is It Important For You To Record, The Weight Of Your Baby?

Well, it is the most common question that usually, many moms ask: why is it essential to record the weight of a baby? The short and sweet answer is that if you want your baby to cross the preset body and health development marks at the right age, you must do this. Now let’s look at some of the benefits you can get by using a proper baby weighing scale.

  • As mentioned earlier, a baby weighing scale is a great option to record the weight regularly; this ultimately allows you to track whether your baby is hitting the progress mark. For this, you can preset the milestones as per your baby’s age by a little bit of research.
  • Whenever you feed or breastfeed your baby, then it would be a good habit to acquire that you weigh your baby after feeding. In this way, you can ensure that your baby is getting proper nourishment.
  • It would be an excellent thing for you to use a baby book so that you can measure and track the weight of your baby every time you weigh him/her. In this manner, you can surely check that your baby weight is continuously growing with his/her age.

We’d hope you have enough knowledge about the baby weighing scales and why you should use them for your baby. Right? So, now it is time to move forward and share our top ten best picks related to these scales to all the moms who are reading this post.

1. Dr. Trust USA Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust USA Digital Baby Weighing Scale

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For the very first spot, we have picked the Dr. Trust USA Digital Baby Weighing Scale. If you are in need of a weighing scale that not only can help you to weigh your baby but also you can weigh yourself, then this one is only for you. It seems surprising at first, but it is possible with this scale option because it enables you to weigh up to 150 kgs. This kind of weight holding or measuring capability is to make it suitable for both kids and adults. Manufacturers specifically suggest this weighing scale for babies because it comes with a dedicated weighing tray.

It means, whenever you want to record your baby’s weight, then you just need to attach the baby tray with it, and you are good to go. The baby tray comes with a slightly curved design to hold your baby in a stable position. In this way, the tray also protects your baby from fall; that’s why it is a safe option to weigh your baby. Because of the weight measuring sensor’s excellent sensitivity, you can expect better and more accurate weight data. However, all these functionalities work perfectly with the tare button switching system.


  • The detachable baby tray’s length is 55.5 cm, and the width is 27.1 cm, which makes it super safe and provides enough space while weighing your baby.
  • The tare button automatically switches when you step on this weighing scale, and the best part is that the value reset system also works flawlessly.
  • 6 inches or LCD display comes with high contrast, that’s why it ultimately helps you see the weight values clearly.


  • None so far

2. Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

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Moving down to the next scale, so this time we are here with the Beurer BY80 Baby Scale. If you are specifically searching for a baby scale, not a typical scale to weigh an adult, you can give this one a shot. First thing first, the holding capacity of this specific baby scale is up to 44 lbs. However, it ultimately makes it perfect for a bit of older toddlers. But the key thing to keep in mind is that the sensitivity of this scale is just impressive. We are mentioning this here because the manufacturer claims that it can measure the lowest weight of five grams, which indicates the great sensitivity of this scale.

Talking about the other significant aspects of this scale, so first, let’s focus on the design section. There is no dedicated or detachable baby tray present, its because the overall shape is perfect for holding a baby comfortably and safely. It is only possible because this scale’s surface is a bit curved from the top, making a pocket-like shape to hold the baby correctly. Moreover, the tare and hold functions take the accuracy of this scale on to the next level.


  • The considerably sensitive primary weighing sensor is perfect for measuring the low unit of weight, which is 5 grams.
  • Because of that curved shape on the top, this baby weighing scale can provide a comfortable and safe feeling to your little one.
  • The measurement unit changing, and automatic switch off the type of features makes it more convenient to use regularly.


  • None so far

3. Docbel-Braun Baby Weighing Scale

Docbel-Braun Baby Weighing Scale

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Are you looking for a highly reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use type of baby weighing scale? If this is the case, then surely you should consider this specific Docbel-Braun Baby Weighing Scale. The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not a digital weighing scale; instead, it is a mechanical type of weighing scale. Which means, no complicated function, and measurement methods, and to weigh your baby, you just need to lay your baby on the upper stainless steel tray. As per the manufacturers, the maximum holding capacity of this scale is around 10 kgs. And the minimum weight that it can measure is approximately 50 grams, which is not that bad if we talk about the mechanical weighing scales.

The primary measurement device body is a proper ABS plastic built body; that’s why you can expect a reliable experience for long term uses. However, one other advantage of this ABS plastic material is that it would not require too much cleaning effort; you can directly just wipe the dust from the surface. On the other hand, the primary holding tray is build-up with stainless steel material, which has raised sides to prevent falls.


  • You can consider this weighing scale to buy if you are dealing with strict budget issues because of the highly affordable price point.
  • It is a typical mechanical weighing scale, but this baby scale’s accuracy is quite impressive compared to other standard mechanical weighing scales.


  • The ideal weight holding capacity is just 10 kgs, which is comparatively low.

4. Rossmax We300 Baby Weighing Scale

Rossmax We300 Baby Weighing Scale

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Did you like the second spot of the weighing scale of our list? If yes is your answer then here again we have something special for you. On the fourth spot, we have listed another similar looking weighing scale, but we have given a chance to Rossmax We300 Baby Weighing Scale. First of all, this scale comes with a minimum of 5 grams of gratitude, indicating the excellent readability of this weight scale. However, the minimum weight measurement capacity is around 100 grams, and the maximum is 20kgs. In short, it is a perfect weighing scale for babies and toddlers, not for adults.

The curved shape with smooth edges, this scale is capable of providing a comfortable and safe feel to your baby. Furthermore, the discretional hold function makes it more superior, which will help you weigh your baby, even after heavy movements. A normal LCD display present on the front side, the overall contrast levels a quite acceptable, so you can easily see the weight values. And because it is a complete digital weighing scale, the tare function is also there to make it more convenient.


  • The overload and battery level indicators are also present on the front side, so you can easily take a look at the weight and battery level from time to time.
  • Additional auto shut off feature can save the battery whenever you forget to turn the weighing scale off.


  • Some users complained that it doesn’t show accurate data sometimes.

5. Meditive Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Meditive Digital Baby Weighing Scale

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Next, we have included another highly sensitive sensor of weighing scale that can help you to measure your baby’s weight accurately and closely. So, this time we have given a chance to the Meditive Digital Baby Weighing Scale. The prime highlight of this scale is that you don’t even need to spend way more money to buy it, it won’t cost you more than three hundred Indian rupees. Now let’s talk about what you are getting in this affordable type of price point. It is a weighing scale that comes with a maximum hold capacity of around 20 kgs.

Manufacturers recommend using this particular baby weighing scale in the clinics, hospitals, and even for home use. The thing that is making it perfect for home use is that its weight of this scale is not that hefty; therefore, you can easily shift this scale from one place to another. The upper side of this scale is pretty large and comes with a curved design to lay your baby on it without any issue. It requires three AAA batteries, and the best part is that these batteries come out of the box, so you don’t need to buy them additionally.


  • Thankfully, it comes with the hold function, so you can easily measure your baby’s weight even if he/she making too many movements.
  • The holding capacity is quite decent, and the overall design is also pretty lightweight; therefore, it becomes a suitable baby weighing scale for home use.


  • If you don’t lay your baby in the middle of the tray, it won’t show the accurate weight data.

6. PAXMAX Digital Baby Weighing Scale

PAXMAX Digital Baby Weighing Scale

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The PAXMAX Digital Baby Weighing Scale is our sixth pick on this list, and we have included this one on our list because it got some great features. The main highlight of this weighing scale is that it is highly comfortable and safe to use for babies only. The maximum weight holding capacity is around 20kgs, which seems more than enough to use for weighing a little one. Talking about this scale’s accuracy, the manufacturers claim that they have provided a highly sensitive sensor to measure weight. Therefore, it can easily provide you with accurate data so that you can record it to the baby book.

The upper surface is much flatter and circular, unlike other weighing scales of this list. But in the middle side, there is an oval shape cutout present, that works to hold your baby when you put your arms off for weighing accurately. Other than this, the hold and tare features are also present so that the overall weight measurement experience will be quite easy for you.  Three different switchable weight units are present there so that you can switch between kg, lbs, and oz as per your preferences.


  • This measurement device’s build quality is just impressive; it’s because of that hard plastic material that manufacturers have provided.
  • ON the front side of this scale, there is an ideal large LCD panel present, which has an excellent contrast level; therefore, you can easily measure and look for the data with proper visibility


  • The surface area of the measuring site is a bit small compared to other scales of this list.

7. Putex Baby Analogue Weighing Machine

Putex Baby Analogue Weighing Machine

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If you are reading this post full of your concentration, then you may know we previously added a mechanical or analog type of weighing scale on this list. Right? Again, we are here with another analog kind of weighing machine to offer versatility in this segment. This time we have included the Putex Baby Analog/Mechanical Weighing Machine. The best part that other users and we liked the most about this scale is that you don’t need to spend too much money buying it. But still, the accuracy and the overall weighing experience you will get is going to be decent.

The upper tray is removable so that you can detach it when you don’t want to weigh your baby, and it ultimately helps to store this scale. However, the tray comes with a much-curved shape to lay your baby in a comfortable but safe position. Not only this, but there are markings present for measuring the height of the baby as well. The primary unit’s body is a full hard plastic built, that’s why you can expect better durability from it.


  • The baby tray’s deeply curved surface makes it safer and comfortable to lay your baby on it.
  • Accuracy of this weighing scale is not that bad; even you can compare this scale’s accuracy with some good digital scales.


  • This scale has the same issue of less surface area of the primary tray as the previous option.

8. Equinox EQ-BE-55 Baby Weighing Scale

Equinox EQ-BE-55 Baby Weighing Scale

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Do you have enough budget to spend on a premium segment of the weighing scale? If yes is your answer, you should take a look at this particular scale of our list. In the eighth position, we have decided to introduce the Equinox EQ-BE-55 Baby Weighing Scale. The best thing about this scale is that it is not only for measuring the weight, but you can also precisely measure your baby’s height. Another biggest highlight is that this weighing scale can record 15 recent weights so that when you weigh your baby, it will show the most recent weight value for better comparison.

If we consider the price point, you are getting the premium quality of a highly sensitive weight measuring sensor according to the price point. Surprisingly, the maximum load value is around 25 kgs, making it more than enough for older toddlers. Talking about the design segment comes with a pretty futuristic design with the curved measuring surface to comfort your baby.


  • 2 inches of high contrast and bright LCD display present on the front side, so you can measure the weight with better visibility, even in the dark.
  • The recent weight memory feature is impressive, and not many manufacturers provide this type of feature in their products.


  • None so far

9. Crown Analogue Baby Weighing Scale

Crown Analogue Baby Weighing Scale

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It is challenging to find the best Analogue type of baby weighing scale in the Indian market, specifically. People think that analog or mechanical types of weighing scales are useless, but the fact is that they are much easier to use and somehow pretty accurate as well. So, if you are looking for an ideal specification of an analog baby weighing scale, then here we got something for you. On the ninth spot of this list, we are here again with another mechanical baby weighing scale, and this time we have decided to include the Crown Analog Baby Weighing Scale.

It is a fully ABS plastic made scale, but thankfully the manufacturers have used the excellent but hard quality of ABS plastic material. That’s why you can expect a far better and durable experience from this analog scale. The surface area and the length of the primary tray of this scale impressed us a lot. However, the tray is smooth and well-finished from each corner, and the curved design is making it much safer and comfortable for babies.


  • You are getting a pretty decent build quality and useful type of baby weighing scale at an affordable price point.
  • This scale’s accuracy level is comparable with the other digital, even high sensitivity sensors of weighing scales.


  • The prime weight holding capacity is only 10 kgs, which is low compared to other scales.

10. Aliston Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Aliston Digital Baby Weighing Scale

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Another scale on this list comes with the detachable and easy to assemble baby tray, and this time we have decided to add the Aliston Digital Baby Weighing Scale. Talking about the design section first, so the primary unit has a bit of boxy and flat design. On the other hand, the baby tray comes with the raised sides; it is only to make it safe for the baby so that you can take your arm off while measuring the accurate weight.

The primary weight measuring sensor comes with a gratitude measurement of around 10 grams. It simply indicating how accurate this baby weighing scale is, and talking about the maximum capacity that it can hold, the value is 20kg. In our opinion, 20 kg of the maximum capacity load is ideal not only to measure or record the weight of babies but also for older toddlers.


  • The tray length is 61cm, and width is around 25 cm, which is a great dimension, and it provides a large area to lay your baby on it.
  • It doesn’t require any hard assembly process, after attaching the primary baby tray, you are good to go for measurement.


  • It doesn’t come with a larger LCD display, but the display’s quality and size are still acceptable.

How To Pick The Right Type of Baby Weighing Scale

We know how challenging it is for a new mom to look for the best, the safe, and comfortable weighing scale for your little one. But after reading this post, you still feeling confused between two or more weighing scales then this detailed buying guide will help you a lot. We are saying this because this buying guide will be all about the essential points that you shouldn’t ignore while selecting a baby weighing scale.

  • Choose The Correct Type

If you are looking for a weighing scale from quite some time, you may know how many weighing scales are present. For better clarification, we want to let you know that there are a total of five different types of scales present, but on this list, we mainly focused on three major types. The first one is the multipurpose use of scales, and you can use this type of scale for both kids and adults to measure the weight.

But the only problem is the accuracy, the multipurpose use of scales comes with average accuracy. However, if you want better accuracy and want a proper weighing scale only for your baby, it would be a great option to look for the best digital baby weighing scale. You can also consider the mechanical or analog type of scales if your budget is not that high. But yeah, it is a fact that some analog-type o scales can also offer great usability. And in this post, we have added three to four mechanical options that are comparatively better and providing great accuracy and convenient uses.

  • Capacity Should Be More Than Enough

The second most important point to keep an eye on is the capacity of a particular scale. If you bought a low weight capacity of the scale, then after a few weeks, you might replace it with the new ones. It’s because your baby’s weight would continuously grow, and once it reaches the maximum capacity of the scale, you can’t be able to use that scale for further weight measurement.

In our opinion, if you want to stay future proof about recording your baby’s weight from time to time, then you must choose a scale of nearly 20kgs of maximum capacity.

  • Measuring Sensitivity

Sensitivity also plays a significant role while choosing a weighing scale, especially if you are willing to weigh your baby right after breastfeeding. A good sensitivity level of scale can measure the low to low difference in the weight. That’s why we suggest that you should always pick a scale that must have the gratitude of around 5 to 10 grams. The scales may vary based on the gratitude value and avoid the higher gratitude value of scales such as 50 to 100 grams.

  • Features To Look For

Here we want to address the importance of features that can make your overall experience more convenient with a baby weighing scale. The first thing that you should ensure that your chosen scale comes with a slightly or deeply curved surface to lay your baby in a comfortable and safe position.

The other essential features to look for are the tare, hold, and auto shut off features. If you are only willing to spend your budget on a digital weighing scale, you should look for these features mentioned above before making the final purchase decision.

  • Build Quality

Another most crucial point that you should also keep an eye on is the build quality section. Usually, the manufacturers offer plastic built weight measuring devices, but the quality may vary from the type of plastic that manufacturers have used. We suggest that if you are getting the plastic built weighing scale, then make sure it has a sturdy ABS plastic material. Some manufacturers offer the steel or metallic body, but those options might not be suitable for home use because of their heavyweight.

  • Price Point

No doubt that if you are dealing with strict budget issues, then you can’t just spend on premium quality of scale, and if you do it so, then it would be a foolish mistake. If you wonder what’s the solution to this problem, don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Actually, after conducting in-depth research, we have also picked some of the budget-friendly options on this list related to a baby weighing scales. So, if your budget is not that high, then it would be great for you to look for our budget-friendly picks.

Mistakes to Avoid While Using Baby Weighing Machine

Parents are always concerned about the health and well being of their newborn. One of the most crucial elements that determine health is baby weight. Newborns with correct weight are receiving proper nutrition and care.

To ensure this, parents use a baby weighing machine at their home. These machines are easy to use. Also, they provide quick results. There is plenty of smart digital scale available to calculate the baby weight. Most of the parents know the right way to use it. However, mistakes happen when using a baby weighing machine at home. Therefore, let us see the things to avoid when using a baby weighing machine. 

  1. Setting the scale at any number 

Many parents set the weighing machine at any number. The things you need to remember are to set the machine at 0. If you want to weigh the baby as professionals, then you need to set the machine properly. As the baby weight is less than adults, you need to take account of each scale. 

  1. Not keeping track 

Many parents forget to track the baby’s weight when using a weighing machine. It is essential to know the growth of the baby. To track the baby’s weight you need is to use a proper weighing machine. Use a standard weighing machine that provides accurate results every time. Try to track the weight every time when you use the weighing machine for the baby.

  1. Weighting too often 

Many parents use the weighing machine for the baby too often. Weighing the baby too often is not essential. You can track the monthly or weekly bodyweight of the baby. If you weigh the baby’s weight every day, then you may get a different reading. It can be confusing to know whether your baby is healthy or not. 

  1. Not using a blanket 

Many parents do not use a blanket on the baby machine thinking that it will show inaccurate results. However, many pediatricians prescribe to use cloth on the weighing scale before placing the baby on it.

When using a light blanket on a weighing machine the baby should not wear any clothes. This way, the machine will show you the accurate reading. If your baby is wearing clothes, then avoid placing a blanket on the baby weighing machine. 

  1. Reading the weight swiftly 

Weighing the baby weight readings quickly is not prescribed. When using the weighing machine, let the reading to settle. Do not record the results immediately. Immediate readings are always inaccurate. Place the baby and give a time for the weighing machine to settle and then record readings. 

  1. Feeding milk during weighing the baby 

Many babies are sacred on the weighing machines. Due to this, mothers provide breast milk to console the baby. Feeding the baby just before weighing them will not provide you with the proper weight results. It is essential to avoid weighing your baby’s weight immediately after the meals. 

These are the above mistakes that parents need to avoid when using a baby weighing machine. Remember these points to receive clear and proper weight readings of the baby.

Baby Weighing Scales – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I use a baby weighing scale for keeping the weight record?

Well, the use of a baby weighing scale completely depends upon you, but the medical professional recommended that you should weigh your baby after every two weeks. Some moms prefer to weigh their little on after every week, which is a good habit. However, it is not specific that you should only use the scale for limited times in a month, even though some moms like to weigh their babies after breastfeeding.

The essential thing to keep in mind is that the more often you use the weighing scale for your baby, the more specific chart you can prepare. If you set the milestones related to your baby’s overall development after discussing it with a medical professional, then it would be a great idea to use the weighing scale more often.

  • Is it an excellent choice to go with a mechanical weighing scale over a digital one?

If you want to go with a mechanical or analog type of scale, you may probably have budget issues. It’s because usually, the mechanical weighing scales don’t cost as high as a digital scale. So, if you are making the final purchase decision in favor of a mechanical option because of a strict budget, then it seems a good choice. But in case if you have enough budget to spend on a digital weighing scale, then you should prefer buying the digital one only. It’s because digital scales are not only easy to use, but they provide great accuracy.

  • How should I clean a baby weighing scale to keep it clean for the very next use?

It is also a very common question asked by many new moms: how should we clean the scale? If you have the same question, you must understand that the cleaning process may vary in different weighing scales. But most commonly, and the recommended way to clean the baby weighing scale is by just wiping it with a damp cloth. By doing this, you can ensure to remove the dust particles from the surface of the scale, and you should prefer doing this every time before using the scale to weigh your baby.


Are you the new mom looking for a baby weighing scale for tracking your baby’s overall development? And are you feeling tired of looking for the best possible suggestions related to these baby weighing scales? If in both cases, your answer is yes, then congrats, this whole in the detailed post was all about you. After groundbreaking research, we have selected ten best baby weighing scales from the Indian market that you can buy right away.