10 Best Body Fat Analyzers In India 2021 – Ultimate Reviews, Guide & FAQs

With a rise in the number of people who have problems because of being overweight, it has become imperative to keep your health in check. After all, as they say, health is wealth. But with a massive leap in the advancement of technologies, we have found wonders in digital therapeutics. One such wonder is the Body Fat Analyzer. It is such a useful and resourceful tool that many healthcare professionals and providers have also started suggesting these tools to their patients these days. This analyzer helps keep an eye in a lot of body metrics such as – BMI, BFI, body water, muscle mass, body mass, metabolic rate, and much more. Many of these Body Fat Analyzers can store data as you sync them with your phones. If you are struggling to have the right body weight and muscle mass, you must lookout for a good Body Fat Analyzer.

Best Body Fat Analyzers In India 2021

A body fat analyzer will not tell you where you have fat hugely deposited on your body. Their accuracy might also fall here and there a little bit. But even then, these analyzers are exceptionally unique, reliable, resourceful, and accessible. They will help save a lot of rounds to your doctors or healthcare providers. Today, we have ten best body fat analyzers in India for you. We have reviewed them well and also offered their pros and cons. Make sure you read every word before you pick an analyzer. Let us start discussing them –

1. Dr. Trust Digital Smart Body Fat Analyzer

Dr. Trust Digital Smart Body Fat Analyzer

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For a lot of healthcare electronics, you can willfully trust Dr. Trust. However, today, we will review their Body Fat Analyzer, which works electronically and has a digital build. The model number of the product is 509, while it has an overall black design. It stores the data of various body parameters and can also be charged for prolonged use. Reaching your fitness goals will be very easy once you own this amazing Body-Fat Analyzer.

All the metric data that the tool has stores can be graphically seen to notice your fitness progress better. With this analyzer, you can measure 18 body metrics, including bone mass, muscle mass, BFR, BMR, protein rate, visceral fat, and much more. Additionally, recharging this Body Fat Analyzer is also very easy as you will receive a USB cable. With four high precision sensors, this tool will allow you to always have the most efficient readings at all times.


  • This Body Fat Analyzer is very sleek and weighs only 1.32 kg.
  • It is one of the handiest analyzers which you can use to measure 18 body metrics.
  • You can connect the tool with your phone and get all the data right on it.
  • It has round corners that won’t hit you or hurt you accidentally.


  • There are no cons of this Dr. Trust Digital Body Fat Analyzer.

2. ActiveX Savvy Digital Body Fat and Body Composition Analyzer with Free Measuring Tape

ActiveX Savvy Digital Body Fat Scale

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As you would have read from its name, you will get a measuring tape with this Body Fat Analyzer. After all, you can see clear results in your body’s size and shape with the help of a tape. Many people also get highly motivated as soon as they start noticing changes. The battery that this Body Fat Analyzer runs on comes included in the package. For better accountability, you should also install the ActiveX app on your phone, and you will be exceptionally good to go.

Other than subcutaneous and visceral fat, you can also use this analyzer to measure BMI, BMR, and body water. You can also measure other body metrics with this Body Fat Analyzer, such as skeletal muscles, muscle mass, metabolic age, and body mass. With the help of the ActiveX app, you will be able to set goals and achieve them without failing. The syncing of the app with the analyzer is pretty fast, and you won’t have to waste a lot of time on it. The app will also offer cloud storage, and unlimited users can use it.


  • The syncing of the app with the analyzer happens with the help of Bluetooth and is very easy.
  • You can also set reminder alarms and goals on this app.
  • Along with a set of batteries, you will also get a measuring tape in the deal.
  • The analyzer has a Tortoise type base, and it is equipped with a 32-bit processor.


  • We have got no cons.

3. Actofit Body Fat Analyzer with Digital Composition Monitor and AI

Actofit Body Fat Analyzer

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How about having a Body Fat Analyzer that comes with Artificial Intelligence? The usage of the analyzer will become easier, right? Well, that is what you will be enjoying if you invest in this Body Fat Analyzer. However, with such special features, the price of this analyzer is comparatively higher. We would suggest you only buy it if you could afford it. It will help you have physique ratings and metabolic age right on your phone. All of this could be done by connecting the analyzer with your phone. Of course, the connecting is done with Bluetooth.

The LED on the analyzer is very clean, and as soon as you hop on the scale, you will be able to see everything pretty clearly. Along with BMR and BMI, the tool will also allow you to measure body water and bone mass. You can also try weighing fat-free bodyweight if you wish to. It has BIA dual frequency technology so that the analyzer remains accurate at all times. A maximum of 16 users can easily use this Body Fat Analyzer. The best thing is that its data can also be synced with other fitness apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health.


  • You can pair this Body Fat Analyzer with iOS as well as android devices.
  • With a multi-user database, the analyzer will allow up to 16 users to use it and have their data on their phones.
  • It will help in measuring 15 composition metrics.
  • You can easily know what is working and what is not with the help of this Body Fat Analyzer.


  • The price of this Body Fat Analyzer is quite high.

4. Omron HBF 375 Body Fat Analyzer with 3 Month Memory

Omron HBF 375 Body Fat Analyzer

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The price of this Body Fat Analyzer is even higher than the one we mentioned previously. However, its accuracy is quite high, and it will remain that way even after multiple uses of the analyzer over a long period. People these days cannot take out a lot of time for exercising. Even when they do, they cannot do it well and know what is working for them. Some of them are also not sure whether or not they are doing it all correctly. However, lifestyle changes remain constant in their lives.

Because of these lifestyle changes, we tend to gain a lot of weight even in a small duration. To avoid all such situations, you must own a Body Fat Analyzer. A tool like this will help you know everything about your body. And when it is a highly efficient Body Fat Analyzer like this one, the deal is even better. This tool comes with four memory presets, and you can enable it all to store all the data regarding your fitness and overall health. This Body Fat Analyzer will surely help you reach an optimum weight with the right muscle mass.


  • This Body Fat Analyzer is very efficient in storing your health data for 90 days.
  • With such data storage, you will be able to note down your progress in a better way.
  • It has four memory presets for goo memory support.
  • You will get a warranty of one year on this Body Fat Analyzer by Omron.


  • The design of this Body Fat Analyzer can be made a little cleaner and modern.

5. Charge Zero Automatic 6-in-1 Body Fat Analyzer

Charge Zero Automatic 6-in-1 Body Fat Analyzer

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Affording a good Body Fat Analyzer these days is near to impossible. However, Charge Zero is here to prove you wrong with a surprising deal of an amazing Body Fat Analyzer. The tool comes with a battery-free technology and weight measurement sensors which are highly precise. This way, you will get the correct result every time you use the analyzer. The tolerance of this Body Fat Analyzer is rated at +/-0.5%. This way, the readings will be displayed even when you have lost a small amount of weight.

This Body Fat Analyzer’s six body metrics help measure body fat, body weight, bone mass, body water, BMI, and muscle mass. A maximum of four profiles can be made on the tool. Therefore, this Body Fat Analyzer will be good if you have a small family. The analyzer is covered with tempered glass with a thickness of 5 mm. the entire finish of the tool is anti-skid, and whenever you step on it, you won’t ever fall or slip. Buy this Body Fat Analyzer now!


  • You can get support for this Body Fat Analyzer all across India.
  • This Body Fat Analyzer is made in Germany and has a very high quality.
  • The tolerance of this analyzer is such that its accuracy remains high always.
  • It is a highly affordable analyzer that will help you have better body health.


  • The maximum weight that you can measure with this Body Fat Analyzer is only 150 kg.

6. Hesley Body Fat Analyzer with Bluetooth

Hesley Body Fat Analyzer with Bluetooth

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Another Body Fat Analyzer on our list with an extremely modern design is by Hesley. You just have to download its app called Hesley on your devices and have the analyzer record the eight users’ data. However, you have to make sure to click the profile first before stepping on the analyzer so that the tool records data well and does not mess up any pre-existing records in a profile. With the advanced BIA technology in this Body Fat Analyzer, you can measure 18 of the essential body metrics.

The LCD of the tool has the dimensions of 29 X 73 mm, and its division is rated at 0.1 kg. Since the font is red, it flashes well, and you become able to read the measurements even when you are in the dark. For better usability, this Body Fat Analyzer will also display overload and low battery indications. The Hesley app is very easy to use and sync. You can download it from the play store as well as the app store. All of the four sensors of this analyzer are highly accurate and come with a German Build. This is the Body Fat Analyzer that you need!


  • Syncing your fitness data with other apps can also be made possible with the cloud service.
  • It will prove to the best companion in your weight loss and/or fitness journey.
  • The analyzer’s red font allows you to see the readings even when you are in a dark area.
  • Kids can also use this Body Fat Analyzer.


  • The Hesley app will only be compatible with Android 5.0/iOS 8 or higher.

7. Jimwey J113 Body Fat Analyzer

Jimwey J113 Body Fat Analyzer

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The Jimwey Body Fat Analyzer is carefully engineered for people who are extremely health conscious and keep it above everything else. You can have many in-depth measurements with this analyzer of your body weight and numerous other key metrics that decide the rate of muscle production and the rate of metabolism in your body. Jimwey is one of the leading companies in manufacturing highly accurate and highly functioning Body Fat Analyzers.

For many years they have only had the motive of building an advanced product that is so unique that they help bring the best out of your lives. It uses the Bioimpedance method with the help of its four sensitive electrodes to display the readings. All these electrodes are made using stainless steel and will always offer the utmost help in measuring the electrical flow hindrance in your body. This hindrance is then used to measure important data regarding body mass, muscle mass, BMI, and much more in the analyzer.


  • It has four electrodes that work on the principle of Bioimpedance.
  • These electrodes are made using stainless steel for a better flow of electricity.
  • The apps that help pairing the tool with your phone is compatible with both android and iOS devices.
  • The shipping weight of this Body Fat Analyzer is only 1.1 kg.


  • The life of this Body Fat Analyzer can be enhanced.

8. iGRiD Smart Body Fat Analyzer with ALFIT App

iGRiD Smart Body Fat Analyzer

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The iGRiD Body Fat Analyzer is yet another affordable addition of the Body Fat Analyzers on our list. It comes at a good price and is also a highly reliable tool that will help you quickly reach your fitness goals. It can easily monitor 17 essential parameters of the body. Can you believe it? Even at such a low price, it will still allow you to look at a wide range of parameters that decide your overall health, activity, and fitness. It has a white body fit with numerous sensors for accurate measurement of body fat.

This way, you will bring positive changes in your body by making slight changes in your routine and diet. This Body Fat Analyzer will work as a guide throughout your journey. You do not need to calibrate it as it comes with the auto caliber feature. Isn’t that great? It works on 3X AAA batteries, which you will get in the product’s package. Nothing can beat this Body Fat Analyzer for noting down the water content and visceral fat content of your body.


  • This is one of the highly affordable Body Fat Analyzers on our list.
  • It never requires any sort of calibration.
  • You can make eight user profiles if you purchase this Body Fat Analyzer and use it with its app.
  • Its design is ultra-sleek.


  • The accuracy of this Body Fat Analyzer must be increased by some folds.

9. Beurer BF180 Body Fat Analyzer

Beurer BF180 Body Fat Analyzer

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As you may know, Beurer has been a very reliable name in India for many years. After all, the health tools that they create have a top-notch quality along with a long life. This time, we are here with their BF180 Body Fat Analyzer. This is the Body Fat Analyzer with a large LCD that will allow you to view your readings most easily. It works as a great diagnostic tool, especially for people who want to regularly check their body fat. For reaching an ideal body weight, a Body Fat Analyzer like this is pretty good.

It will also help you check body water content, body weight, muscle percentage, and calorie requirements every time you choose to step on it. It has a memory for ten users. Therefore, even when you live in a huge family, you will be allowing many of your family members to use this Body Fat Analyzer well. Additionally, its battery is long-lasting and won’t need a replacement after light uses it throughout many months. This way, you could maintain this Body Fat Analyzer pretty easily.


  • The display of this analyzer is large enough for myopic people to read it without their glasses.
  • The long battery life is also one of the reasons why you must buy this Body Fat Analyzer.
  • Up to 10 people can use this fat analyzer to store their health data.


  • The corners of this Body Fat Analyzer are square, and you might hit your toes hard on them if you do not take care.

10. Rossmax Wf260 Body Fat Analyzer

Rossmax Wf260 Body Fat Analyzer

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Lastly, let us review the Body Fat Analyzer by Rossmax. This product has a silver exterior that many people love. You can keep this analyzer in the bathroom and step on it to take readings as soon as you have freshened up and used the toilet. This way, it will measure your correct body weight at all times. Other than bodyweight, you can also help it very well in measuring your body fat. Using it is very easy as you just have to step on it as you step on a regular weighing scale.

We have seen many models and athletes who keep a constant tab on their weight and body fat. For them, this tool can turn out to be good equipment. However, it will also be the right fat analyzer for the general public. Hence, if you wish to lose weight and have a toned body, you can also pick this Body Fat Analyzer. It has a smart memory chip that can easily stack the data of up to 10 people. This Body Fat Analyzer’s accuracy is rated at 99.9%, and the maximum weight it can handle is 199.9 kg.


  • The design of this Body Fat Analyzer is quite impressive.
  • The smart chip in this product works very well in stacking data well.
  • It is a great tool for assessing overall hydration and muscle mass, along with calculating body fat.


  • The body composition features of the product can be made more reliable.

How To Choose a Best Body Fat Analyzer in India

There are five factors below regarding Body Fat Analyzers. Take a look at them and consider them as you head out to purchase a Body Fat Analyzer for personal use or use by your entire family –

  • Quality of Sensors

Generally, Body Fat Analyzers are equipped with four sensors in their build. These sensors are responsible for noting the resistance faced by the electric signals that the analyzer sends in the body. If the resistance is high, it means that the person has a high amount of body fat, which hinders the flow of electricity in their body. The quality of these sensors can be known with the time that the Body Fat Analyzer takes to record the data. If it is too long, then you must return the product as it won’t be that useful in the long run.

  • Design

Many people have also started thinking about the design of their Body Fat Analyzers. After all, if the analyzer is well designed, you won’t have to put it away after each use. Therefore, try looking for a sleek Body Fat Analyzer with the color tones that you like. You can also look if it has extra pieces on its build that make it look rugged. This is an era of minimalism, and pieces like that are not highly appreciated. You can also try investing in Body Fat Analyzers with round corners as such analyzers have fewer chances of hurting your toes if you hit the tool accidentally.

  • Number and types of Body Parameters

Another essential factor would be the number and types of body parameters that your Body Fat Analyzer can record. Generally, customers invest in Body Fat Analyzers that offer more than 15 body parameters or metrics. However, the main metrics that you must look for are body fat, muscle mass, body weight, BMI, and hydration, also known as water content. Looking for these basic things, you will be able to invest in the most useful Body Fat Analyzer out of all the options that you might have.

  • Special Features of the Body Fat Analyzer

According to many experts in a Body Fat Analyzer, one of the best features is its capacity to store the health data and quickly display it in a health app. Such health apps are generally paired with the analyzer with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, always look for it in the Body Fat Analyzers of your choice. Other than this, you can also get Body Fat Analyzers equipped with chips that can store data of multiple users. Investing in them will allow your family members to use the Body Fat Analyzers as well.

  • Cost of the Body Fat Analyzer

When you look at the service that these analyzers offer, you won’t think that they are that costly. However, here, we are only speaking about the options that we chose for you. There are always many chances of finding a Body Fat Analyzer with a price that is touching the sky. But if such costly analyzers don’t do their job well, it will be useless to invest in them. Additionally, you can never find a Body Fat Analyzer that is 100% accurate. So, why waste huge money on them? You can always find an affordable option if you search thoroughly. Additionally, if you aren’t able to find such options, you can choose from our list of best weighing scale in india.

Benefits of Body Composition Analyzer

The body composition analyzer is a technologically advanced device. It is a tool that is beneficial to assess the health of an individual. The device is associated with body composition.

It is an excellent innovation that compares the rate of body fat to body muscle. It is a handy tool to have if you are a fitness freak. The essential way to lose fat is to increase physical activity. The body composition analyzer also helps to provide details about how to increase physical activity according to your body weight. There are plenty of benefits of using these devices that let us see what they are. 

  1. To lose fat and gain healthy muscles 

The more you are aware of your body composition it is helpful to plan your weight loss. It can give the trainer or the physician a proper insight about your body. It also helps to know the stubborn fat, healthy muscle, water rate and other essential information about your body. Being aware 0f the body composition prevents you from losing too much fat. A body without fat can result in plenty of health complications. To avoid this, you need to know the right composition of the body. 

  1. To prevent long term health risks 

When using a body composition analyzer, it is easy to understand future health risk. The device provides long-term analysis to prevent cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. As all these chronic health conditions are related to body fat, you can identify these issues in advance. When understanding these factors, you can follow a proper fitness plan. The trainer can come up with an unsafe nutritional diet with the information. Also, with the correct fitness routine and proper food, you can prevent future health risks. 

  1. To identify osteoporosis risk 

Apart from chronic complications such as diabetes and cholesterol, the body composition device can help you to learn even more advanced issues. It is a device that can help you to identity osteoporosis. It is a condition where the bone density diminishes overage.

 It can cause loss of calcium and breaking of bones. The body composition analyzer cannot cure the health condition. However, it is helpful to know if the bone density is low. With the bone density readings, you can follow the fitness routine that will increase the bone density. 

  1. To get rid of unhealthy fat 

Visceral fat is one of the most dangerous fats in your body. It can build up around the organs and abdomen. The body composition tool can help you to calculate the visceral fat rate in your body. When reducing this fat, you can prevent chronic health conditions in future. 

  1. To get an idea about hydration and metabolic rate

Checking the metabolic rate can help you improve the whole metabolism of the body. It is also a tool that can track your hydration level. A good metabolism and hydration levels are the keys to a healthy body. Get an insight into all this information to keep your body healthy. 

The body composition analyzer is a highly beneficial tool to track your health. Consider the above benefits and use this tool to see visible benefits. 

How Reliable are Body Fat Scales?

If you always make healthy food choices and stick to exercising regularly, you will start seeing a good change in your overall look and physique; however, for someone people, that just does not happen. As soon as they step on the weighing scale, it does not budge as much as they had expected. In such situations, they are often advised to get their body fat percentage checked. During your weight loss journey, it becomes crucial to assess your body fat along with your body weight.

When you start practicing healthy habits to lose weight or build muscles in your body, you will not notice any weight loss. This is because as new muscles build, their mass gets added in the body mass. This is one reason why people start moving away from their goals as they break their habits. Most of them start believing that their fitness regime is not doing anything good for them, and they won’t be able to reach the fitness goals that they have very carefully set.

How to solve such problems?

To solve problems like this, you must purchase and get your hands on a good body fat analyzer, also known as a body fat scale. This is one of the best tools to assess your overall journey towards a fitter and healthier body. Measuring the fat percentage in your body will allow you to know whether the efforts that you are making are working or not. If they aren’t, bringing small changes in your regime might bring benefits to you. An analyzer of body fat will also let you know the body fat to muscle ratio in your body.

Are these analyzers reliable?

You must know for sure that tools like body fat analyzers will only provide you with a rough estimate of your numerous body metrics. Wholly accurate details can only be known through specific tests that your doctor orders. But even then, they are more reliable as they are known to be highly accessible. They also display the results as soon as you hop on the analyzer and are very safe to use. As you connect them through apps, you will monitor your body in an even better way.

BMI v/s Body Fat

BMI, also known as Body Mass Index, is a highly reliable indicator of your fitness and health. Instead of relying on measuring your body fat, you must stick to choosing body fat analyzers to know your BMI. BMI cannot be used to measure fat in your body, but it will offer you a good picture of whether your weight is in the right range according to your age and height. These days most of the Body Fat Analyzers help in calculating the BMI. So, you can surely invest in them and know your BMI within a few seconds. However, your BMI will not let you know the amount or percentage of body fat. Therefore, more BMI won’t mean high body fat or vice versa. For example, athletes’ BMI is quite high even when the fat percentage in their body is quite less. BMI also depends on your genes, so you might want to consider buying a useful tool for calculating it.

How do Body Fat Analyzers work?

Such analyzers are very easy to use. You just have to step on them similarly how you step on a regular weighing scale. And in just a few seconds, the scale will help measure your estimated fat percentage and body weight. If the analyzer is equipped with advanced technology and AI, it will also allow you to measure other body parameters such as – body water, protein content, metabolic rate, etc. These types of scales work with the help of sensors that they are equipped with. With bioelectrical impedance, the analyzer sends a minimal amount of current throughout your body that you do not even feel. As this current finishes its run, the analyzer records the resistance it faced on its way. If the resistance is high, it means that your body has a high-fat percentage.

Body Fat Analyzers – Frequently Asked Question

  • Are Body Fat Analyzers portable?

The overall weight of Body Fat Analyzers is between 1 to 2 kg. Such weight is effortless to carry for a healthy human being. Therefore, we can say that mostly Body Fat Analyzers are quite portable and can move them to any place of your choice.

  • Are Body Fat Analyzers costly?

If you compare the price of a Body Fat Analyzer with that of a regular weighing scale, you will surely find the Body Fat Analyzers costlier. However, you must know that these analyzers’ features are highly advanced, and they are equipped with chips and sensors.

  • Can we connect Body Fat Analyzers to our phones?

Almost 80% of the Body Fat Analyzers come with the Bluetooth pairing feature. With this feature, you can easily connect the analyzer with your phones or other personal devices. However, to display the data, you might need to install a few functional fitness and health tracking applications.

  • What are the best brands/companies that manufacture Body Fat Analyzers?

There are quite a few Body Fat Analyzers manufacturing brands/companies. If you want to know what these brands are, you can skim through our list and get their details. Every brand/company that we have mentioned on our list is highly accessible in India.

  • Are Body Fat Analyzers useful?

Yes, Body Fat Analyzers are very useful. This is because they will help in letting you know your body mass as well as body fat.

Bottom Line

Even when the market these days is saturated with a lot of body fat analyzers, there are still many chances of you ending up with the wrong product. And if you do, you will make things even wrong. This is because such analyzers mostly help in helping you know what’s working for you and what’s not. With a false tool like that, you won’t be having clear cut results. Therefore, we advise you to only look for Body Fat Analyzers launched by reliable and trustful companies and brands in the market. If you cannot filter them in your search, you can always look for the ones that we have picked for you in the above list. We have also tried to mention the best options for these analyzers, so you do not have to surf a lot of sites during your search. Do not overthink and buy a good Body Fat Analyzer now!