9 Best Luggage Weighing Scales in India 2021 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide

Luggage Weighing Scales are specially designed to help you weigh your luggage before you go to the airport. Many of you might already know, most of the airlines in India, as well as in other countries, have a baggage limit, and because of that, they won’t allow you to carry extra weight in your bag. Most of the time, people are left with no choice but to open their bags in front of everyone and shift their stuff in other bags. Additionally, if you do not have any other bags, you might have to leave many things at the airport. Isn’t that scary? For frequent travelers, this can turn out to be a nightmare. Hence, if you also travel a lot, you might invest in a luggage weighing scale as soon as possible. To help you with your purchase of such scales, we are here to help. Please keep reading to get all the details on the accuracy and product options

Are portable luggage scales accurate?

Anyone who has ever dumped his/her luggage at the airport knows how embarrassing and painful it is. At such moments you would have surely thought of investing in a good luggage weighing scale. After all, these scales will let you know whether you need to adjust your bag’s weight or not. They come handy when you have no way to measure your luggage’s weight before you head to the airport. Investing in them will only bring good things. But are these luggage scales as reliable as they are claimed to be?

We shall discuss it all, but before that, let us know the types of these scales:

Manual Luggage Weighing Scale: These scales come with a clock hand that rotates clockwise like any other weighing scale when you try to measure weight through it. The design of such scales is quite plain. One of the most fantastic advantages of these scales is that you do not need any batteries or a power source to operate them. People looking for something understated and straightforward will find it quite beneficial in their ventures.

Digital Luggage Weighing Scale: As the name suggests, these weighing scales are digital and hence have a display panel that digitally lights to mention and measure the weight of your luggage. You can find a variety of these scales when you are looking up for them. They are easy to handle and are also lighter when compared to the manual luggage weighing scales. For people who consider styles and class to be necessary, these scales are quite good. They generally work on batteries and have better accuracy.

After our vivid comparison, we thought of discussing only the digital luggage weighing scales on our list.

General Price Point of Portable Luggage Weighing Scales

As the demand for such scales increased in public, many manufacturers came up with affordable prices so that everyone could become able to own at least one such scale. As per our selection, we chose INR 300 to INR 900, which is known to be quite an average range for most of the luggage weighing scales in India. You must know that manual luggage weighing scales will cost lesser if you look up for them online. However, as far as accuracy and precision are concerned, the digital weighing scales are unmatched.

The main question – Are these scales accurate?

A simple answer to your question would be – yes, portable luggage scales are accurate. But their accuracy and precision mostly depend on their build, durability, and design. Therefore, you must look out for such features whenever you want to pick a luggage weighing scale. Additionally, you must also know how to use them to get an accurate reading every time. This is why we are bringing a short section below where we describe everything about using these scales.

Get an accurate weighing reading on your luggage scale with these steps.

  • Select the unit in which you want to measure the weight of your luggage. If your scale is manual, you won’t have to follow this step. However, in the digital scales, you might want to look for the button, which will allow you to change the unit as per your convenience. You should also confirm the airlines’ baggage allowance that you have picked before you start with anything.
  • You will always find a hook or a loop in the luggage weighing scale that you own. This hook is supposed to be passed through the handle of your bag to suspend the luggage in the air by lifting. After you have securely placed the hook/loop, you are now supposed to hold the scale from its handle and lift it. You will have to keep the luggage in a lifted position for 10-15 seconds so that the scale can record the weight well. After all, as the luggage moves, the readings will fluctuate. 10-15 seconds are enough to bring the luggage in a stable position.
  • Now is the time to note the readings down. If you haven’t reached the baggage limit, you can surely pack some more stuff in your bag/suitcase. You can then repeat the process to know whether you have gone overboard or you still have space. If, in any condition, you exceed the limit, you can try emptying some of your belongings from your bag and move to other backpacks or suitcases that you might have.

If you are done reading and knowing all the details, we have nine best luggage weighing scales below that you can easily find in India. All these scales are highly qualitative and functional. They will allow you to accurately measure your luggage weight as you head out to have the most amazing trips and tours. You can also read the buying guide that we have added below for your convenience. It will help you pick the right luggage weighing scale. Let us start with our discussion now without wasting any time –

1. AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale

AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale

Buy From Amazon

Investing in an extremely costly luggage weighing scale is something that many people refrain from. Due to the huge price tag that these scales carry, some people do not even think of buying a luggage scale. Therefore, we thought of bringing the digital luggage weighing scale by AmazonBasic first and foremost. Its affordable price is the reason why many Indians have chosen to invest in it throughout the years. This is also why the product has thousands of ratings all over the e-commercial platform Amazon. It can easily weigh a maximum luggage weight of 50 kg and is very compact.

The easy-to-read display on the product also makes it a topic of discussion all over the country when it comes to luggage weighing scales. Whenever you are traveling, it will help you avoid excess luggage weight at all times. One other thing we like about this scale is that it comes with a flexible strap that also has an extremely secure metal connection. You can also switch between units if you want to. Additionally, like any regular digital weighing scale, this product also has the tare function. There is nothing more anyone can expect from a digital luggage weighing scale.


  • This luggage weighing scale is highly compact.
  • It has a digital display, and the product can be used to easily weight 50 kg of weight (maximum).
  • For easy reference, you can watch out for the low battery indicators.


  • You can purchase this product only from Amazon.

2. GLUN Bolt Portable Luggage Weighing Scale

GLUN Bolt Portable Luggage Weighing Scale

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Yet another affordable addition to our list is the GLUN Bolt Portable Luggage Weighing Scale. This scale comes with the fish hook design and works on batteries. It has a digital and clean display that you can use to read the maximum weight of 50 kg (equivalent to 110 pounds). Because of its design, it is one of the most portable luggage weighing scales that you would find in the country. Additionally, handling this scale is very easy, and to use it, you just need to put in two AAA batteries.

It remains accurate at all times and is very reliable and simple when it comes to its usage. Other than your backpacks, you can also weight your wallets with this scale. It is specially designed to tour, shop, and conveniently travel when you are on the go. As you go to the airport, you can take the help of this tool beforehand and always decide your luggage’s weight. It is so small that you can pack it in a tackle box and even in your pocket. Its hook is made using stainless steel and will allow you to hang the scale on your luggage.


  • This luggage weighing scale’s characteristic features include the data lock, unit switch, and overload indication features.
  • The hook of this scale is robust as it is made using stainless steel.
  • Auto power off happens in the tool if it is left unattended for 120 seconds.


  • We do not have any cons of this luggage weighing scale till now.

3. GoTrippin Weighing Scale

GoTrippin Weighing Scale

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This silver weighing scale for luggage has immensely positive ratings all over the internet. Throughout the years, this scale has remained a reliable source that helps in the accurate weighing of luggage for hundreds of people. After all, it is from GoTrippin. The steel top plate of the scale is made using stainless steel, which will help prevent rust and corrosion from the scale. On the other hand, the product’s bottom plate is made using high strength plastic as it contains the battery. This allows you to enjoy the scale for a lifetime.

As this scale’s design is compact, it won’t add a lot of weight in your luggage. This way, you can take it with you as you venture out for a trip. With its help, you will be able to weigh your luggage again as you return. Additionally, you will never be required to bend or strain to read the display. That is how easy-to-read it is. You will also like its many features such as auto-lock, battery indicator, tare function, and the auto shut off. It can precisely measure a maximum weight of 50 kg. Moreover, precision accuracy is rated at 0.1 kg.


  • The scale runs on the lithium battery, which has a very long life.
  • You can also use this scale in the kitchen for weighing ingredients.
  • A 3V battery comes included with the luggage weighing scale.
  • Because of its curved design, it will fit better in your luggage.


  • We have got no cons at all.

4. Belita Luggage Scale

Belita Luggage Scale

Buy From Amazon

The manual of the Belita Luggage Scale that comes in the package will help you understand the usage of this scale in the most natural way. The best and most distinctive feature of this scale is that it also displays the room temperature. How amazing is that? You will also be surprised that such a compact and portable weighing scale can also manage to take a note of strain courtesy its system with strain gauge sensors. These are the few features that you are not going to find in any other luggage weighing scale. They genuinely help in setting this scale apart.

This tool only weighs 145 grams and comes with strong metal hooks on its design. Its entire engineering is done by keeping in mind two of the most important factors: comfort and accuracy. For the strap, the makers have used Nylon material. Thanks to it, the strap remains intact even after years of rough usage. For night vision, you will also like the backlight. The battery overload indicators are also easy to sense and will allow you to use the tool perfectly as you travel wherever you wish to.


  • Other than general features of a weighing scale, this scale also has smart features like strain sensors and room temperature indicator.
  • You can also use this scale to weight newspaper waste in your homes.
  • It has an ergonomic shape and is very easy to carry.


  • The tool can stop working if you do not remove the plastic sheet under its batteries before using it for the first time.

5. ATOM Selves-A 304 Luggage Weighing Scale

ATOM Selves-A 304 Luggage Weighing Scale

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This luggage weighing scale’s minimum weighing capacity lies at 10 grams, while its maximum weighing capacity is rated at 50 kg. It has a white design that allows it to blend effortlessly with all the light-toned backpacks and suitcases. If you are looking for a luggage weighing scale for family usage, this is the one option that you must think of picking. After all, it is exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry. Since it is digital, it is known to be much more accurate. It will prove to be a good tool in your travels at all times.

It runs on two AAA batteries and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are a traveler and choose to travel many times throughout the year, you must invest in a good luggage weighing scale. This will allow you to pack your bags in a stress-free manner no matter where you are. You can also convert the unit from kg to lb or vice versa. And when you think the scale is making any mistakes, you can also choose to switch on the tare function on the tool, and you will be okay.


  • The hook of this scale is S-shaped and large enough to be quickly suspended.
  • The handle on the scale’s design is what makes it easy to lift while you measure the weight of your luggage.
  • The dimensions of this scale are only 10 X 6 X 2 cm.


  • Because of its white color, the scale is more prone to getting dirty over time.

6. ON GATE Digital Weighing Scale

ON GATE Digital Weighing Scale

Buy From Amazon

For making this scale work, you just have to turn it on and hang your luggage from the handle on to its hook. After that, the tool will simply display the weight of your luggage within seconds. That is how fast and convenient the ON GATE luggage weighing scale is. Its price is meager, and that is what fascinates many people. However, that is also the reason why many people question its genuineness and functionality. We assure you that this tool is top-notch in those aspects, and it is a 100% original product that is bound to last long with you.

It remains accurate and is one of the ultra-portable luggage weighing scales that you can ever find in the country. Many vendors also use it. Other than that, this scale also finds its applications in the kitchen where you can measure your food’s ingredients and baby food with it. It has a green backlit display, which allows you to view the reading even when your surroundings are dark or standing in a place with low lights. Its handgrip is made using Nylon, and it isn’t going to get damaged.


  • This is a multipurpose tool that you can use in your kitchen as well.
  • Its display is backlit with the green light for easy viewing.
  • This scale’s accuracy is very high and is rated at 0.02 pounds, which is equivalent to 10 grams.


  • The retractable steel handle of the scale must be made a little stronger.

7. CASON Grey Luggage Weighing Scale

CASON Grey Luggage Weighing Scale

Buy From Amazon

We claim this luggage scale by CASON to be another fantastic addition that we picked after a lot of research, mainly devoted to its functionality. When people invest in a luggage weighing scale, they often look for the ones that will help suffice their needs for years to come. However, such scales are tough to find. And even when you find them, they have a price tag that not many people can easily afford. But when it comes to this grey luggage weighing scale, you will find only fantastic things. To use it you have to safely open its strap and move it across the handle of your suitcase or backpack

 After you are done, you just have to place the strap securely and lift the luggage using the scale as your handle. In a matter of split seconds, the scale will show how much your luggage weighs. This way, you will know how much extra weight you have added in your bag. Additionally, if you haven’t reached the limit, you will be able to add some more luggage. If you think that the scale is making any errors at any point, you can always take the help of the tare feature, which will bring the reading back to zero. Once that is done, you can easily use the scale again.


  • The strap of this luggage weighing scale is quite strong, and the maximum weight it can handle is 50 kg at a time.
  • This weighing scale’s tare function is claimed to be the most efficient when it comes to luggage weighing scales.
  • The design of this weighing scale is simple and elegant.


  • The room temperature showing feature must be enhanced.

8. Ez Life Luggage Weighing Scale

Ez Life Luggage Weighing Scale

Buy From Amazon

When you look for luggage weighing scales, the most critical aspects you must look for are its functionality and lifespan. We are pleased to say that this luggage weighing scale by Ez life excels in both aspects. Its clean design is one reason why many people find it an easy-to-use suitcase weighing scale out of all the scales that they can get their hands on in the country. Because of its many positive ratings, we were sure of giving it a position on our list of the best luggage scales in India. The packaging of the product is excellent, and you will receive it in an excellent state even when you order it online.

We have seen many people who are often worried about the excess weight of their luggage. After all, who likes to unpack their bags in an airport? It can be frustrating and embarrassing for everyone. This super luggage weighing scale will help you avoid those kinds of situations like a pro. If you take this with you on your travels, you will be satisfied with your return trip. You are bound to add extra weight in your luggage as you go on a trip. Therefore, it is always good to take the scale with you. It has all the functions and features that you expect in a luggage weighing scale, and it will surely help you travel smartly in all your trips and tours across the country and the world.


  • It will save you from the troubles that you often have when you carry excessively weighted luggage to the airport.
  • The overload and low battery indicators of this weighing scale work fine in all situations.
  • It can easily measure the maximum luggage weight of 50 kg.
  • The clasp of its strap is entirely secure as it made from nylon material.


  • The overall robustness of the scale’s material must be increased and brought to the next level.

9. Klick n Shop Weighing Scale for Luggage

Klick n Shop Weighing Scale

Buy From Amazon

The Klick n Shop luggage weighing scale by ShopIAS is the scale that will help solve all your luggage weight problems in just a few minutes. Many buyers often have complaints with the handles and straps of luggage weighing scales. But you are not going to face any of those dire situations if you pick this scale. This is because its handle is highly reliable and is known to have the most durable attachment with the scale. Like any other regular luggage weighing scale, this scale can also measure a maximum weight of 50 kg. It will be an amazing tool in all your travels and other outdoor activities.

The LCD that this scale feature is quite large. Due to this reason, many buyers find it easy to read and easily view the luggage weight. You can also use this to weigh anything that you have shopped while you are traveling. In that way, it will help you a lot in adjusting your luggage weight in the best ways possible. Additionally, if you know someone who likes traveling a lot, you can use this luggage weighing scale as a gift for them. We are sure that they will be extremely happy to receive such an amazing and useful tool that they can use every time they head out to the airport. The weight of this luggage weighing scale is only 168 grams, so they can also carry it in their bags without worrying about any excess weight that any item adds. You must buy this luggage weighing scale right now!


  • The design of this luggage weighing scale is created so that it remains easy to understand yet offers high functionality.
  • The handle of this scale is one of the strongest handles that we have witnessed until now.
  • The scale runs on batteries and is quite portable due to its lightweight rated at only 168 grams.


  • The strength of the hook of this luggage weighing scale is something that the manufacturers need to enhance.

How to Choose a Luggage Scale In India

Below we have five aspects for you that you must look up whenever you even think of buying a luggage weighing scale. We have carefully lined them up for you in separate sections so you can read through them easily. These aspects are –

Manual v/s Digital: You already know that we have more liking towards the digital weighing scales. However, if you prefer manual scales, we won’t stop you and change your mind. After all, manual scales have a longer lifespan, and they also do not require frequent battery change. They feel like a one-time-investment and do not need a lot of maintenance. However, you should also know that digital weighing scales are known to be more accurate, and their precision is also rated well by a lot of people.

Hook/Strap: In luggage weighing scales, the presence of a hook/strap is a must. These are the structures that help you suspend your luggage in the air so that the tool can record the reading in the most accurate manner. Hooks are good, but if you want to take the scale with you in your travels, you might want to consider its sharpness. If it is too sharp, it can pierce through the stuff you might have in your bags. For such people, luggage weighing scales that come with a strap can prove to be more beneficial. But straps are known to tear, so make sure you invest in a scale equipped with nylon straps.

Handle: The handle is that part of the luggage weighing scale that you hold in your hands while lifting your luggage along with the scale. The attachments and bolting of this handle must be noticed well before making any sort of purchase. Mostly we go on suggesting people with luggage weighing scales that come with a stainless steel handle. Stainless steel does not rust and hence lasts longer than other metal handles. You can also check if the handle is screwed or simply put around and bent through some holes at the sides to know how secure its attachments are.

Special Features: We consider features like display of room temperature and strain sensors to be the most special when it comes to luggage weighing scales. However, you must also look for features like unit conversions. This way, you won’t have to convert the units as you travel internationally. You will just be required to push a small button, and you will be done changing the unit according to the country that you are visiting. You can also check if your scale has a tare feature, auto-lock, and auto shot features. These features come extremely handy if the scale of your choice has backlit display (in case of digital scales) that is even better as you will be able to read everything even when the light is low.

Cost: Let’s be honest; you also have to keep the cost of the luggage weighing scale as you think of buying it. However, if you pick anything from our list, you will find that we have chosen a reasonable price range so that many of you can afford at least one of the scales that we have mentioned. However, if you cannot find anything that matches your expectations, you can choose to look for the luggage weighing scales in other places. But, do not forget to consider the cost of the scale as you consider other aspects.

How To Use Luggage Weighing Scale Correctly

People who travel should prepare well to make the journey effortless. One such useful device that is required in every traveler’s bag is a luggage weighing scale. The luggage weighing scale is an excellent device to have when travelling.

 It can provide you with a reliable weight result of your luggage. The luggage weighing scale has a strap and a hook to calculate the exact weight. Depending on the analogue or digital scale, the weight will display on LCD or regular screen. When using the luggage weighing scale properly, you can prevent unnecessary airport checking procedures. 

  • Checking the luggage weight before boarding 

Many have a habit of checking the luggage weight before leaving for the airport. However, the smart way to use a luggage weighing scale is to check the weight before boarding. The room temperature, the air, the room design can affect the luggage weight reading readings. Sometimes you may get a different reading on your home and at the airport. To get the accurate weight of the luggage, then measure the weight at your home and the airport. This way, you will get the assurance that the luggage is below the limit. 

  • The luggage with metal hooks for accurate measurement 

The travel freaks want to take the exact amount of luggage with you as per Airpot guidelines and then you need a precise luggage scale. The scales with metal hooks are ideal for accurate results. If you take just a weight above the limit, then you may have to pay an unnecessary fine. To avoid this, use luggage in the metal hooks and lift it to know the accurate result. Do not keep the hook lifted and attach the luggage to it. The best way to use the scale is to keep the luggage on the ground, attach the metal hooks and lift the luggage. 

  • Resetting it properly 

Many when weighing the luggage have a habit of resetting the scale to get the right results. It is an excellent idea to always reset your luggage scale once you lift it. To rest the luggage scale, you need to press the ZERO or TARE button on the scale. At first, when you lift the luggage the device will show fluctuating results. To avoid this, you can lift the luggage and again reset it to find the proper weight. 

  • Use the same type of scale 

Use the same type of luggage scale at your home as used in the local airport. There are digital scales that come with the same setting as the airport luggage scale. This way, you will not experience any inconvenience when weighing the luggage on airport. Same results will appear every time that can make your travel experience hassle-free. Get the exact type of luggage scale to weigh luggage weight at home to find the proper result. 

Do you want to use the luggage weighing scale properly? Then consider the above steps. Using a luggage weighing scale is all about accuracy. To get accurate and precise results, you can rely on the above steps. 

Luggage Scales – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Luggage Weighing Scales handy?

Yes, luggage weighing scales are extremely handy as their size is made compact. They also do not weigh a lot so that you become able to carry them in your luggage. That way, you can also use them before you return with a flight.

  1. What is the best brand of a Luggage Weighing Scale?

There are many brands of these scales that one can opt for in India. However, to make your work lesser, we have lined up the best brands on our list. All these brands are known to be in the market for many years, and their scales also have good ratings.

  1. Do Luggage Weighing Scales need batteries to operate?

Only the digital weighing scales will need batteries to work. However, if you pick manual scales, you won’t have to fit batteries. But even after that, we would suggest you choose digital luggage weighing scales as they are more accurate in comparison.

  1. Where can I buy a Luggage Weighing Scale?

You can always look for such scales in the supermarket. They are often near the sections where you buy suitcases. However, if you cannot find them there, you can always choose to search them up on the internet and make an online purchase from a reputed site.

  1. Are Luggage Weighing Scales always accurate?

The accuracy of the scale mostly depends on its brand and build. Therefore we will ask you to always pick a scale after you are done researching those aspects. You can know more about such a thing by reading buyer’s reviews of the scale online.

Bottom Line

Luggage weighing scales are exceptionally useful tools, especially for people who travel a lot by taking flights in between their destinations. These scales will allow you to control and manage your baggage weight as per the airlines of your choice. But if searching one such scale is difficult for you, we are positive that you would find the products that we have lined up for you to be useful. After all, we have carefully picked them all after a lot of research that went into their quality, features, and lifespan. We also tried to mention their pros and cons other than their specific details about their features.

We wish that you choose a luggage weighing scale soon so that you never have any problems no matter where you travel.