6 Different Types of Weighing Scales and Their Uses

Weighing scales have found a lot of applications in our lives. They are mostly used by people who want to keep track of their weight regularly. However, there is also much other application of weighing scales as well. They are used on a small scale as well as large scale in food industries. Pharmaceutical industries cannot even think of operating without a right weighing scale. There is, however, not a lot of information regarding the different types of weighing scales. Therefore, we thought of bringing and discussing these types today.

To make our work even better, we have also tried to describe the uses of each of the weight scales that we have picked.

Let us discuss them

Weighing Scales

1. Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are usually digital and work with the help of batteries in them. They are known to be the most common scales that you will get to spot in a household. People use them to determine their weight. You can find them easily in the market as many people invest in these scales regularly. They are equipped with easy to read displays that are often backlit. This way, you can know your body weight even when the surroundings are dark. Generally, bathroom scales can measure a maximum of 400 pounds. However, bathroom scales with low quality can only have the maximum weighing range of 300 pounds.

2. Kitchen Weighing Scales

As the name of these scales suggests, you will find their immense applications in the kitchen. Many people keep their fitness over everything. For them, a kitchen weighing scale can be immensely useful. As you compare them with other scales, you will find kitchen weighing scales to be highly compact. You can measure the weight of all types of food ingredients in these scales. They also find their uses in commercial places such as a bakery where they are used to create a wide variety of desserts.

3. Baby Weighing Scales

Even though these weighing scales are generally found in maternity homes and hospitals, these days, people have also started buying them for personal uses. Baby weigh scales are used to weight babies, typically between the age of 0-18 months. The weight of a baby can help a lot in determining the nutrients he/she is getting. It can also help in knowing whether the baby is healthy and growing well. You can lay your baby on the platform and weigh his/her weight within seconds if the scale is digital. However, with manual scales, you will need to spend extra time letting the needle of the scale settle well.

4. Luggage Weighing Scales

With baggage weight imposed by many airlines, it is crucial to carry bags that weigh within a specific limit. The weight of your bags and suitcases can be easily known at the airport; however, if they weight more, you will have to open your bags in front of everyone and get them weighed again. Such things will only embarrass you. However, if you own a luggage weighing scale, the whole process can be done quickly before heading to the airport. You just have to suspend your bags on the hook of the scale and lift it in air. Within seconds, the scale will display the weight of your bags.

5. Analytical Scales

Such scales are usually used in laboratories. Many chemists also use them personally for their research. They are one of the most effective and accurate scales and are quite smaller compared to the other scales, as mentioned above. They are also known to show their weight up to four decimal values. They are used to create many chemicals. Apart from that, analytical scales are also used in making medicines. However, these ones are even more accurate.

6. Medical Weighing Scales

These scales are suitable for a doctor’s clinic where they can use them to weigh the weight of their patients. This way, doctors become able to prescribe better medicines to their patients. If the scale is advanced, it will help determine the patient’s weight even when he/she is sitting in a wheelchair. Their accuracy is exceptional, and their display can be seen even from a distance. Their weighing range is between 0 to 500 pounds, which is quite high for a weighing scale.


As you now know the different types of weighing scales, you must think of investing in them. However, you are not supposed to buy all these types. You must decide which type of scale will be mostly used by you. For example, fitness freaks will like having a kitchen scale, while those who travel a lot will use a luggage weighing scale as they take their next flight.

Once you have decided that, try looking for different brands of the weighing scale. Buy the one that you find is the most qualitative, and with that, the scale will last for years with you without needing a lot of maintenance.