How Can I Check My Weight at Home?

Whether you are a fitness freak or a health-conscious person, checking your weight will give you some insight about your health. And if you want to check your weight regularly, the best way is to do it at home. Think about it, if you have to go somewhere to know your weight, would you go there? Absolutely no! That is why it is best to do it at home to know your fitness progress.

But how to check whether you have gained weight or not? Below are some simple ideas that you can try out at home.

Body Weighing Scale

The classic bodyweight machine

This is a simple body weight machine. It does what it’s supposed to do. Just get one of these classics and place it a corner of the room. Both analogue and digital versions are available.

Try smart scales

With the recent advancements in science and technology, there is a new invention called smart scales. Also known as body fat analyzers, they are capable of measuring not only your weight but also your fat, bone weight, and even lean mass. This is a great option you can go for if you want to track your fitness journey. With good research, you can get a good model within your budget.


The Relative Fat Mass method is more about giving an accurate measurement of the body’s fat percentage than the weight. Here, all you need is your height and waist circumference measurements to calculate the total whole-body fat.

Formula to calculate RFM:

For men: {(height in inches/waist circumference in inches) × 20} – 64 = RFM

For women: {(height in inches/waist circumference in inches) × 20} – 76 = RFM

Experts do feel that this method is better than BMI because this can indicate any underlying health problems.

The Waistband Method

Using a physical garment to determine whether you have gained or lost weight is a foolproof method. Just make sure that the garment you choose as a determiner is not elastic.

Body Part Circumference

Using a measuring tape, you can get to know before and after results of your body. Take any part that you like to slim down and measure its circumference before you starting your fitness regime. Regularly use the measuring tape to know whether the regime you follow gives results or not. This is another easy way to say whether you are losing your weight or not.

The bottom line

These are simple methods you can opt to measure your weight at your home. The first 2 methods involve devices which can accurately give your weight. But the rest of the methods is more like a guessing game where you can only notice losing weight or not.

The simplest and efficient way to check your weight at home is to get either a classic bodyweight machine or go for a body fat analyzer. They are super easy to use and helps you to keep track of your health.

With these different methods, find out what works best for you and keep fit!