Kitchen Scale Advantages and Disadvantages

A kitchen scale is more of a weighing scale used to measure the weight of ingredients used for cooking various types of food. You can find the manual and electrical kitchen scales in the market; however, the electric versions of these scales are more accurate. There is a small platform in these scales where you can place the ingredients directly or use a bowl or container. As you weigh your ingredients, you will be able to create amazing dishes. However, the use of a kitchen scale is not just limited for people who are conscious about their health or are gym-goers who wish to weigh every supplement they consume.

Additionally, other than advantages, kitchen scales may also have a few disadvantages. In this section, we will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen scale.

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Advantages of using a Kitchen Scale

  • They help in creating the right recipe

For replicating the recipe of a dish accurately, a kitchen scale will help a lot. People who are just starting to learn the art of cooking food can mess up the ratio of ingredients that are supposed to be added into a recipe. Whether it is a cake or a making your favorite porridge, a kitchen scale will help you immensely.

  • Kitchen Scales can help live a Healthy Lifestyle.

Kitchen scales are often one time investments, and after buying them, you can use them as much as you want for many years. You can easily measure the calorie intake as the weight of the food will help you do so. This way, people who own kitchen scales are easily able to maintain a balanced diet.

  • Losing weight is easy with Kitchen Scales.

Besides having a balanced meal, you can also incorporate the use of kitchen scales if you want to lose weight. As you use them, you will be able to have nutritious food on your plate, which will help keep you full for a long time. This way, you won’t wish to have unhealthy food. It can also help you if you want to do portion control.

  • Kitchen Scales are user-friendly.

These days kitchen scales are very easy to use. Generally, people opt for digital kitchen scales, which are even easier to use. Since kitchen scales are compact, you can also try keeping them at any place that you want. Additionally, you can also move kitchen scales according to the space you have in the kitchen.

Disadvantages of a Kitchen Scale

  • Not everyone can afford a kitchen scale

Kitchen Scales are not the tools that anyone can afford, especially when it is about the electronic kitchen scales. People who are still students and live in dorms will find these scales quite expensive. Therefore we won’t claim that kitchen scales are highly economical

  • Some kitchen scales are not easy to repair

While manual kitchen scales can be fixed quickly, it is quite challenging to fix the faults in an electric scale. Even though some companies and brands of these scales offer warranty and replacement offers, you are not going to find such benefits in a lot of deals. Sometimes, it will also be quite tricky for you to find a repair shop on a kitchen scale.

  • Its use depends on your cooking style.

A kitchen scale will help you achieve perfectly balanced dishes and meals. However, once you get an idea of the weight of ingredients that you use, you might start taking kitchen scales not to be the most crucial piece of equipment in your kitchen.

  • Buying a low-grade kitchen scale will do more harm than good.

Many people start thinking of investing in a low cost and low-grade kitchen scale. However, most of the time, such scales are not that accurate and will only make your dish become less nutritious than you expect it to. Their precision can also start degrading over time. So try not to purchase them.


Kitchen scales can be incredible investments for you. However, you will have to look for good and reputed brands that manufacture them and take buyer feedbacks seriously. Additionally, buying a kitchen scale that comes with warranty options is even better. This way, you will be able to fix its problems related to accuracy and build of the kitchen scale during the warranty period and still not waste your money in the process. A kitchen scale can be permanent aid in the kitchen; you have to start incorporating its use in the right way. If you have any problems with the meals that you prepare, you can also look for amazing and delicious recipes on the internet. All in all, if you buy a good quality kitchen scale, you will find a lot of its uses, no matter what you cook.