Which Scale is Used to Weigh Infants?

The weight of the baby when it is born, is called the birth-weight. The newborn baby that weighs between 2.5-4.5 kg is considered to be normal. Otherwise, it would need extra care. That is why the weight of the baby is measured whenever you go to see the doctor. The steady increase in weight is considered to be a sign of the healthy growth of the baby.

PAXMAX Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Important aspects of infant weighing scale

 The factors that you should consider while choosing the infant weighing scale includes

Accuracy- The weighing scale you use should be precise.

It should measure even a very small increase or decrease in the weight of the infant, ranging about 20g.

Functionality- The weighing scale for infants should have a functional design. That is it should be able to hold the infant. You have to place the infant on the weighing scale to get the weight measured. When you place the infant, the head should be supported comfortably.

Ease of use– The infant weighing scales should give you the results correctly and quickly. This is because you cannot place the infant on the weighing scale for a long time. A weighing scale for infants with a digital display would be an ideal choice.

Cost- You should not go in for a highly-priced infant weighing scale unless you intend to use it in the doctor’s office. This is because there are some infant weighing scales that would be obsolete after the child is 9-10 months old.

Types of infant weighing scales

 The types of infant weighing scales you can buy include

Standard digital baby weighing scale – You can use this weighing scale to measure about 20kg. The graduation is about 5gm. You will see the weight displayed on a large LCD. You may also go in for a tare weight option and measure the infant by holding in your hands.

Baby weighing scale, pan type – This weighing scale comes with a pan. The infant is placed on the pan, and the weight is recorded. You will get the result in just 15 secs. You can use this to measure up to 16kg. The graduation, however, is 10gm.

Baby weighing scale with hammock

As the name suggests, this weighing scale has a hammock. You can place the baby in the hammock and measure the weight.

Baby weighing scale with dial Salter type – This weighing scale for infants is designed with a stainless steel suspension hook and adjustment screws. It might come with optional weighing trousers as well.

Baby weighing balance/scale spring-type – You can use this scale with the hook, suspension ring, and rust-proof grip to weigh the baby. The weighing trouser is used to suspend the baby while the reading is recorded.

These are the different types of weighing scales you can get in the market. You can choose the type of scale based on how often you would be using it. You can also choose the weighing scale based on the cost of the weighing scale and its accuracy.

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