Why and How to Use a Baby Weighing Scale?

A Baby Weighing Scale is often bought by a lot of parents these days. These types of weighing scales are equipped with a tray on them where you can carefully place your baby and note their weight down. There are many uses of this scale, but you should also know why you are supposed to use them. This is what we are going to explain to you today. We are also going to mention various steps that one must follow to observe a baby’s weight on a regular basis carefully. Let us start with the discussion of everything.

Why you should use a Baby Weighing Scale

All nursing homes have a tool called a Baby Weighing Scale. These scales are used to measure the weight of the babies as soon as they are born. But that is not the only time when one must take the help of these scales to measure the weight of their baby. A baby’s weight can help a lot in determining the nutrition that they are getting as well as their growth rate. It allows parents to have a safe developmental phase for their babies.

With time, a baby’s weight increases. However, if the change is not what you expect it to be, the problem generally lies with the baby’s nutrition. Therefore, a Baby Weighing Scale also tells a lot about whether or not the baby’s mother’s milk is proving to be nutritious. Maintaining and recording your baby’s weight will also help save a lot of visits to the pediatrician. This way, you will be taking better care of them in situations of emergency.

Baby Weighing Scale

How to use a Baby Weighing Scale

A tool like a Baby Weighing Scale works like other weighing scales. But, there are still certain steps to know about in order to have the best weight measurements of your baby. Additionally, you must also be careful while doing so. Let us discuss these steps:

  • Get a Baby Weighing Scale

You can look for many options of Baby Weighing Scales online. There are also several sites that will offer you home delivery of the scale right to the address you provide. Other than the online option, such scales can also be found in the local supermarket. In big cities, you will also get the option of renting a Baby Weighing Scale.

  • Start the scale and tare it

As soon as you get the scale, try starting it by pressing the power button. If the scale operates on electricity, you might want to plug it in a power socket and then turn it on. As soon as you start it, look for the ‘tare’ button or option. With this, you will be able to bring the readings to be at exactly zero.

  • Place your baby on the scale in a lying position

Baby Weighing Scales have trays and platforms that are supposed to be used for placing the baby in a lying position. So, you now have to place your baby there carefully. If your baby is crying, probably it is because they are feeling uncomfortable on the scale. In such situations, try diverting their mind or maybe change their positions. Remember not to hold them while taking the readings as the Baby Weighing Scale will record the weight of your hands along with the baby’s weight.

  • Read and Record the weight

If your scale is manual quickly check where its needle is pointing. However, if you have purchased a digital Baby Weighing Scale, you are just supposed to read the weight from the digital screen. After you are done reading, note the weight in a notebook. Use this notebook again to note the readings when you weigh your baby the next time.

  • Pick your baby slowing and carefully shut the scale

After the readings are taken, you can then take your baby by lifting him/her slowly from the tray. Carefully turn the Baby Weighing Scale off as per the instructions in the product’s manual. Never forget to turn the scale off as it will eat the battery. If it is a manual Baby Weighing Scale, store it well after you have used it.


A Baby Weighing Scale is a very important tool. Babies who do not have adequate nutrition tend to fall ill often. However, parents cannot tell whether their baby is getting the nutrition that he/she needs. However, with weight as a factor, nutrition can be easily explained. Weight also tells a lot about growth factors and on-going health conditions and problems in a baby. Hospitals invest hugely in these scales. But after consulting with the doctor, you can use them at your homes too. Additionally, these scales can also be used to weigh your pets and keep their health on track. We wish that you think of investing in a good Baby Weighing Scale as soon as possible. After all, nothing would be more important for you than the health of your babies. You also Love to check : Best weighing scale in India 2021