Why and How to Use a Body Weighing Scale?

There are a lot of weighing scales that you can come along these days. However, the one that is used to measure body weight is known as the body weighing machine. Such scales can be digital or manual. However, most people go with the digital versions these days as they are more accurate. Today, we are going to shed some light on why you should use a body weighing scale.

We are also going to explain how you can use this tool to know your body weight correctly. But before that, let us discuss a quick history and a few main types of body weighing scales that you may usually find.

Body Weighing Scale

A short history of Weighing Scales

Weighing scales were born out of necessity. Trading started to develop all over the world, and many merchants had a requirement of assessing the weight of the goods that they carried and sold. The first weighing scale ever developed was weighing balance. It had two plates on its design, which were carefully attached to the overhead beam. This beam was fixed well on the central pole of the balance. Any measurement of the weight of goods was taken by placing a known weight on one plate and then putting goods on the other plate until equilibrium was established. Even though this system was quite accurate, most people started cheating with it.

Around 39 B.C., a famous cheating incident in Rome arose because of these weight balances. Many Romans complained about a chieftain using rigged weights on the plate. The name of this chieftain was Brennus. However, not much is known about how the matter was solved. In the 18th century, a version of a weighing scale called a spring scale was developed by Richard Salter, who was a British. Since then, we have seen tremendous improvement when it comes to weighing scales. We have also successfully developed scales that help take the measurement of our body weight. These days, such scales are so advanced that they also have Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity. Most of them rely on electricity and batteries.

Types of Weighing Scales

  • Analytical Balance: Such weighing scales are mostly used in laboratories. They are highly compact and help take the weight of a substance more than a single decimal. Generally, chemists use them. But these weighing scales also find their uses in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Vehicle Scale: To weigh large vehicles like trucks and farm tractors, you need huge scales. These weighing scales are generally known as vehicle scales. You can easily know the weight of goods and substances that these vehicles are carrying with the aid of such scales.
  • Kitchen Scale: As the names suggest, these scales are used in the kitchen and helped in knowing the weight of the ingredients that you are going to use in the food.
  • Baby Weighing Scales: These scales help monitor the weight of babies, especially newborns.
  • Body Weighing Scales: To help with measuring body weight, we take the help of a body weighing scale. They help you keep your body weight on track and also help in determining various indexes like BMI and BFI. Many people own them to keep their health on track at all times.

Why you should use a body weighing scale

Obesity is the cause of a lot of health conditions when you reach a certain age. Some of these conditions are so severe that your doctor will put you on medicines that you are supposed to take every day. Obesity, in severe cases, can also cause death. However, you do not have to be extremely obese to have health conditions that require constant check-ups and treatment. Many types of research suggest that even an increase of 20 pounds above the required and standard weight according to your age and height, can also induce many problems in your body.

When you start shedding this weight as you control your diet and start exercising, you will need a tool to get your weight readings regularly. In such situations, a body weighing scale helps a lot. These scales are also used by people who are regular gym-goers and take extra precautions even when they see a spike of a pound or two in their weight. All in all, a body weighing scale is going to help you maintain and note down your weight so that you can live a healthy life. They are quite easy to find and afford. Everyone must have this type of scale in their homes that they can use along with their family.

How to use a body weighing scale

  • Know the type of scale that you own

If you have a manual weighing scale, you have to hop on it and take the weight readings by noticing where the needle of the scale is pointing. However, if your scale is digital, it will take a lot more than that to use it for the measurement of your weight.

  • Turn the scale on

Most of the digital weighing scales do not need to be turned on as they are equipped with sensors. But if your weighing scale does not have such high-tech features, you are supposed to turn them on by pressing the power button on them.

  • Step on the scale and note the reading

Now is the time to step on the scale and stand on it using both your feet. Make sure that you are not taking the support of anything such as walls or cupboards while you stand on the scale. If you do, the weight that you will notice will be lesser than your actual weight. Note the reading down in a notebook for future reference and comparison.

  • Turn the scale off and put it away

If the scale has an auto-shutoff feature, it will turn itself off in just a few minutes. But if your scale does not have that, you will again have to press the power button after you step away from it. You can then store the scale at a place that you think is safe for it. Generally, people choose to push them under their beds and cupboards. But you can also choose to store them on a shelf or a compartment of the shelf.


A body weighing scale will help you achieve the body that you want. Most models are known to take regular weight readings. With a good diet and proper balance of exercise, you will be easily able to maintain healthy body weight. However, if you are extremely over weighted, you might have to consult with your doctor before you start with any diet plan or an exercise regime. The doctor will help you reach your goals in a better way without making you harm yourself unnecessarily.